Desk Sets

Sculpted Series Pen

One of our heavier twist pens, this is a great desk pen. With six different design profiles on the metal hardware and a wide selection of premium woods and burls to choose from, you will be able to create a pen as unique as its recipient. A unidirectional twist pen, this one takes a smooth writing Parker™ Ballpoint or Gel Ballpoint refill.

Price: $35.00

Sculpted Series Boxed Pen & Letter Opener Set

Sculpted Series Boxed Set

Add a matching heavy duty letter opener to your Sculpted pen for a great boxed gift set.  Available in all six metal profiles in domestic, exotic, or premium woods and burls.

Price: $70.00

Classic Click Boxed Pen & Pencil Set

Classic Click Box Set

A great pen and pencil set offering for those preferring a click mechanism pen or a thicker 2mm graphite pencil. Pencil contains a built-in sharpener and eraser.  Available in gold finish paired with domestic, exotic, or Dymondwood™.