Corkscrews & Bottle Stoppers

Corkscrew/Bottle Stopper Combo


Without a doubt, the combination corkscrew/bottle stopper is our single most popular product. We like it for its dual purpose versatility: just unscrew the bottom chrome cone to reveal the corkscrew inside.  Once you’ve opened your bottle of wine, replace the cone over the corkscrew, and you have a handy bottle stopper.  Available in five colorful laminates or three natural wood choices, it comes packed in its own travel pouch and is great for hostess gifts, picnics, and travel.*

* If your travels include flying the friendly skies, please put your corkscrew in your checked luggage, as TSA frowns on sharp pointy objects like corkscrews, even if they are seriously cool with turned wood handles.

Price: $43.00

Stainless Steel Bottle Stopper

Stainless Steel Bottle Toppers

Our stainless steel stoppers are in it for the long haul.  These food-grade stainless steel stoppers have nitrile “O” rings to provide a positive seal on your bottle.  They will not corrode, pit, rust, or do anything else untoward to the taste of your wine. You can even use then in a bottle of vinegar without ill effect.  Available in five different shaped profiles paired with select Dymondwood, Cherry, Black Walnut, Cocobolo, or Bocote.

Price: $43.00

Spirit Bottle Cork Stopper with Pour Spout

Spirit Pourer

Doesn’t that really nice bottle of single malt Scotch deserve better than the cap it came with?  We think so.  Dress up your bottle with one of our wooden toppers which unscrews to reveal a pour spout just like those used in finer bars and restaurants.  Choose from two profiles and a selection of woods.

Price: $43.00