For Home

6″-7.5″ Candle Bowl with large tea light

Unity Bowl w/ Large Tealight

Price: $50.00

8″+ Candle Holder with space for 4 tea lights

Price: $54.00

8″+ Candle Holder with space for 5 tea lights

Price: $60.00

8″+ Candle Holder with space for 6 tea lights

Price: $64.00

6″ Candle Holder with large inset tea light

Price: $60.00

Ikebana Flower Holders

One of the things we love about wood is its inherent and straight forward beauty and utility.  Our Ikebana Flower holders honor those values by including a small metal flower pot, referred to as a kenzan that contains small spikes to hold your flowers in place.  Based on a Japanese art of flower arrangement emphasizing simplicity, the beauty is again in the understatement.  You don’t have to have a huge bouquet, just a few stalks or even one elegant blossom brings out the detail in both the flower, and its vessel.

These are considered special order items, and make take longer to fulfill.  While we do our best to maintain our most popular combinations in stock, the wood we use for these is often green (very wet) and has to be dried before it can be turned (and expected to stay round instead of turning into an oval.)  If you need one of these quickly, be sure to contact us (add link) so we can get you an ikebana that will serve your needs.

7″-8″ Ikebana Flower holder with small offset kenzan

Our 8″ ikebanas have an offset kenzan, also available in matte black or antique brass.

Price: $56.00

6″ Ikebana with flanged kenzan

Our 6″ ikebanas have a centered, flanged kenzan available in matte black or antique brass.

Price: $50.00

Memento Candle Bowl

Subway token, concert ticket, sea shell, poker chip, dried flower, lucky penny, river pebble…

We associate items with experiences, and these candle bowls hold them in a special place to be seen and remembered. Each 7″ diameter bowl comes with an oversized tea light but can be used with a small pillar candle as well. Available in walnut, maple, and ambrosia maple.

Price: $87.00